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1st edition – PressGo book, publishes 2022

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Spontaneous combustions > some excerpts from the road

This book is inspired by my Hungarian father’s venture as he set out to explore the freedom of faraway lands at a time when escaping from your own Country was frowned upon, if even for an adventure. Sound familiar?! 

Istvan was my father, who I never got to know so well.  His own adventure ended abruptly, crashing his electric scooter at Safeway’s, irony hey!

Istvan randomly decided one day that he would move his entire house contents 150 miles to a bungalow in London. The slight issue was he didn’t actually own a bungalow in London, nor anywhere else.  This wasn’t going to stop him though, after all he’d already transported himself from Budapest to Britain during the Hungarian uprising in 1956, fleeing from the Soviet’s communist regime invading Hungary without documents and no idea where he’d ultimately end up or what he’d do once he got to wherever he was heading.  He must have literally just decided one day ‘I’m not a tree – I can move’ , so off he set with just a bit less than he could carry. 


Press Go started out with inspiration from Istvan’s willingness to ‘go see for himself’.   Spontaneous, mystic influences from our past and its ability to bring out the curious venturer in us, however it goes.  It’s my hope that this book can be helpful, in some way, maybe jogging a memory, mood, emotion or aspiration.  I hope that you, the reader, might  find it helps you bring to life your own ideas and ventures, however you like to see it.  “That’s the reason”  as Istvan liked to put it, when-ever he had a simple crazy plan.   

What evolved from my own ‘no real’ master plan, turned out to be a million miles worth of bumpy roads.

Useful books for travel & venturers

0-60 section – useful things for venturers

Make some tea and coffee anywhere, people like it

It’s not until I started traveling afar that I realised fundamentally everyone is exactly the same.  I can walk into a coffee bar, or sit in the dirt and make a coffee – and everyone has just the same curiosity for life, it’s just expressed in different ways, but it’s all survival, fulfilment, love, companionship. Curiosity of the human spirit, or something beyond.

Shaking shackles

We’re pre-conditioned by families and the people we mix with, to respond to situations and opportunities in a certain way, often the perceived least risky way. When-ever I listened to this noise, it sounded limiting. I try to block out such noises.
Prefer the riskier sounding routes, like experimenting, making mistakes, trying crazy sounding things, looking at things from a totally different perspective, or point in time.
In motoexplorer traveler terms – it’s like going over the mountain, rather than around it.

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