Exploring Freeway

The lust for a free-spirited, independent lifestyle – started at an early age, a little while before the internet was invented!

Here’s my re-count of what I discovered and experienced along the way. There’s the first edtion book; Press Go (in the works, to publish soon) that’s a journey of over a million road miles, plus several intriguing ventures!

Fast forward to 2022 as a new digital lifestsyle becomes thrust onto more and more of us everyday; the advent of work from home, defi, new ways of working and passive income generation become ever more relevant. This is where I discovered and started out exploring Aubit Freeway myself. Initially intrigued by the ability to earn a yield on gold, plus Stable Coins, USDC and USDT Tether, (fortunately I avoided the dubious sounding Lunar pegged Terra!)

As a UK resident, I seeked a safe heavon from the financial €GB£ turmoil brought about by Brexit, furthered by events unfolding in the east, along with constant restrictions being placed on our freedoms to explore. The US Dollar seemed the logical safe harbour, as indeed the world flocked to Dollars – it benefited from a global inflow of fiat liquidity. But what if we could also gather an attractive APY – earn a fair yield on our parked dollars, in their digital form, which could then be converted back to any currency, either fiat, or via the numerous established exchanges.

Here’s the principle in a line; convert my GB£ $, € or other currency to US $ dollars – exchanged to Stable-coin USDC or USDT, then park those with a trusted entity to gather extra yield.

Quick link to explore more (Freeway Ap & services that I’m using): Freeway
(free to open and try + includes the extra referal link APY)

With more restrictions being placed on my old ‘free-spirited ways’

I needed to find new ways

I will be elaborating much more – about how I go about using the Aubit Freeway services to earn a good yield on my parked Dollars. ( they also SuperCharge GB£ and crypto, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, for those really going full digital!)

In summary (full reviews pending) Freeway enables you to;

A/ Get a basic 20% APY on your parked Stable coins, USDC, or Crypto
B/ Stake their own $FWT – to get an extra 10% APY (not essential)
C/ Get a bit extra (actually quite a bit!) If you allow them 15 to 30 days notice on any withdrawals

* There’s also a really nice extra referral bonus, whereby both referrer and referee get a little bite extra APY,
SO – always much appreciated if you’re interested to learn more, and use the ref link, you’ll also get that extra APY as referral rewards (they get paid into your account daily – which then also get the usual APY added)

Learn more here ( Free to register for an account / usual simple KYC sign up)

Freeway – suits my free-spirited ways perfectly

performing faultlessly through the turmoil of 2022