The ‘Moto‘ explorer adventures – are reference to the Moto – or motorcycling expedtions which I operated through eastern Europe and the Silk Road.

Riding motorcycles has been a stop start affair for me, as is often the case, various ‘life events’ take us in numerous directions.  Motoexplorers expedtions was actually founded as a result of suffering quite a serious back injury, which I knew would result in surgery and a good time away from travel. Prior to the surgery I decided to buy an old inappropriate K100 BMW motorcycle, pause the photography business and take a leap into the un-known, let’s see if it’s possible to ride overland to the Chinese olympics.

The Motoexplorer business and web site is now available:

I’ve spent over 15 years exploring eastwards by motorcycle. I’m now dedicating more time to writing, photography work as well as assisting overlanders & travellers explore eastern Europe and the Silk Road.

Overlander travel

Now, I finally get some time to start editing photographs and writing about some of the spontaneous combustions from the roads.

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